Other activities

Packing and irrigation rooms

Rufepa includes as part of its turnkey project, packing buildings or irrigations rooms for different purposes besides or complementary the greenhouse.

Sizes of these constructions can be customized, depending in all the case the purpose of the building. The general range of building width goes from 8 to 14 metres. Height can go till the 9 metres.

Use of these structures:

  • Irrigation room.
  • Packing room.
  • Service area for agricultural equipments, tools and machinery.
  • Animal protection and covering.
  • Industrial use.
  • Cold store cover.

Image gallery

rufepa nave ganadera
rufepa warehouse 4
Rufepa warehouse 6
rufepa warehouse.jpg
rufepa nave frontal abierta
Rufepa almacen 3
rufepa nave frontal abierta 2
rufepa nave ganadera 2
rufepa warehouse watertank
rufepa warehouse.jpg
Rufepa warehouse 7
rufepa nave empaque
Rufepa warehouse 5
rufepa almacen 6
rufepa almacen 5
rufepa almacen
rufepa nave frontal abierta almacen 3
rufepa watertank warehouse

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