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Rufepa - GSF joint venture
Rufepa - GSF joint venture 2


New joint venture Rufepa / Green Sense Farms


The joint venture will focus on building combined indoor vertical farm and greenhouse projects for third parties to sustainably grow a wide range of vegetables using less land, water and energy, to feed a growing global population. This is the first of its kind.

“Using indoor vertical farms to grow leafy greens and healthy, disease free seedlings that can be directly transplanted into a greenhouse to grow to maturity is a cost-effective use of both indoor growing technologies.” Robert Colangelo, President, Green Sense Farms Holdings, Inc.,

“Combining the two technologies will increase the global production of vegetables by taking weather out of the equation which is ideal for growers in Middle East, APAC and Scandinavian countries.” José Antonio Morales Pérez, Director General, RUFEPA

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