Turnkey Equipments

Rufepa has enough Experience and Technical ressources for making Turnkey Projects. More than 75 assemblers are working inside our company and are ready to go anywhere in Spain our in any country in the world. 

Depending on the climate and the production crop,  Rufepa has the capacity to make partial or complete Turnkey Projects. We have our own Assembly Experts, with the highest qualifications, for making the assembly of any kind of greenhouses and technologie. 

Rufepa can provide generally all the equipments, but for each customer, we design a specific project following his exact needs, budget and conditions. 

  • Screen System (For Saving Energy and Shading).
  • Heating System + CO2 dosing systems
  • Cooling or Pad & Fan System. 
  • Irrigation System (For Soil and Hydroponics).
  • Drainage and Desinfection System. 
  • Fog System (High and Low Pressure).
  • Computer and Climate Controle System. 
  • Hanging Gutter System. 
  • Draingutter system.
  • Artificial Light System. 
  • Fans
  • Watertanks
  • Movable benches
  • Substrate (Cocopeat and Rockwool).
  • Ground Cover. 


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