Quality politics

RUFEPA TECNOAGRO, S.L. is a Spanish company that produces turnkey greenhouse projects and other products such as fences and windbreakers since more than 25 years ago. We have always been aware of the evolution of many countries and the rapid changes that are taking place. Intensive agricultural production is demanding that the manufacture of our greenhouses are taking place attending some main guidelines:

•    Safety.
•    Quality.
•    365 days a year production.
•    Low energy consumption and labor costs.
•    Maximum environment respect.

Agro-food product must have a low cost production and it must be as closer as possible of the consumers’ cities.

To be able to get the aforementioned we establish the following aspects:


Is to provide quality products according to specifications, requirement of our clients and interested parts, as well as legal regulations, setting up process that allow to improve, all along time, our products and the service to our customers.


•    A clear and irrevocable management commitment.
•    Control in ours processes since the first contact with our clients to final delivery or after sale service.
•    Customer support giving priority to our clients’ requirements.
•    And an express waiver to accept orders that are beyond our ability to make products and/or projects that undermine the quality of them.


Our company is characterized by:

•    Design and manufacture of GREENHOUSES, FENCES AND WINDBREAKERS, by using first quality materials, assembling components and installations of European renowned manufacturers.
•    We bet for the quality because we think is the only way to maintain market loyalty.
•    After sale service.
•    Outsource works control.
•    Final inspection of assembly on site.

This quality policy and the commitment of our Management are based on objectives, general objectives are established periodically by processes in each review of the system by management, and compliance is controlled through data analysis.

November 15th 2017



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