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Turnkey projects assembly

Rufepa has reached the highest standards of organization and fulfillment of turnkey projects in many countries. A basic and remarkable part of this target is to end the project within the programmed time and the budgeted cost.

We have settled assembly teams in 4 continents, such us Europe, America, Asia and Africa.  Our experienced engineering department in turnkey projects make us to be confidence on the right results of the project. A previous evaluation and assessment of the possible troubles than can be found during the assembly period will make us to guarantee to avoid future unexpected problems or situations.

Main task to prepare previous the assembly:

  • Create structural and design drawings of the greenhouse and its equipments.
  • Prepare assembly manuals.
  • Tool and machinery  list.
  • Assessment of Water and electricity supply.
  • Assembly staff training if necessary.
  • Assembly timetable.
  • Labour safety procedures during the assembly.

A day by day contact with our assembly team will reduce the amount and important of problems during the assemby and therefore financial and time cost.

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Rufepa greenhouse assembly 6
Rufepa greenhouse assembly 2
Rufepa greenhoue assembly 7
Rufepa greenhouse assembly 8
rufepa invernadero montaje 2

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